About Me

Growing up I was always asking my parents questions when things were not clear or did not make sense to me. I always had to know what was going on and how things were operating. Being curious lead my creativity to many different forms of art. What initially started as simple pencil drawings as a child lead me to trying various forms of art from oil paintings, to advanced jewelry classes, sewing, pottery and more. This may seem normal to most artists, however being a avid sports participant year round since I could walk made it bit odd to my team ates when I would explain to them some of my interests in my art. After realizing my first childhood dream of going pro in basketball and baseball wasn’t going to come true I began learning how to make my 2nd love a possibility. Once I realized I could turn my artistic ability into a career I was ready to do whatever it took. In 2009 I moved from my hometown in Montana to study Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Seattle. Now out in the field of Design I am constantly evaluating all types of Design and debating what could have been done to make a design have a bigger impact in todays world. To me knowing your audience is key to get the point across to the viewers. Everyday I get excited knowing I have the ability to create something from scratch no matter what form of design it may be. I am always looking forward to my next project and challenge to please each and every client I work with. Currently I am keeping busy with contract work, freelance and my own personal design interests. I am still looking for an employment to call home. Until then, I will continue to grow and sharpen my skills everyday.


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